Air Liquide Italia

National Technical Assistance Center


National Technical Assistance Center

Products: TVox Contact Center, T4You, TSam.

Topics: 24H, Emergency Services, Screen popup, Phone book, Receive alarms via email, SMS or voice call.

Partner: DITECO.

Year: 2016.


Air Liquide has been present in Italy since 1909, has about 2000 employees and leads the market in multiple sectors: industry, healthcare, electronics and welding. Particularly relevant is the area of Healthcare, which includes both hospital and home care sectors. In 2014 Air Liquide Healthcare invested in the service and maintenance sector, with the aim of preparing for even more complex levels of performance, centralizing the service of maintenance, availability and prompt intervention for the entire Italian territory in a single center. This is how the National Technical Assistance Center of Verona was created. “Our clients”, explains Air Liquide Healthcare, “are hospitals that typically have one fixed plant for the distribution of medicinal gases. From our control room we assure the monitoring of the status of the equipment and of the panels, through telemetry; emergency intervention is active both for the technical part, in case of equipment malfunction, and for the supply of medicines and products to the customer. These services are also to be delivered in an emergency regime: customer intervention times are a key element and range from 15 minutes to 8 hours. In a year we welcome and manage about 150,000 reports”.


For call management, the new National Technical Assistance Center requires an advanced and complete system, reliable in both hardware and software. Through the telephone system provider DITECO, the company comes into contact with Telenia Software and the solution TVox Contact Center. The installation and configuration of TVox took place according to the specifications of Air Liquide Healthcare quickly, between June and July of 2014. Tvox allowed Air Liquide Healthcare to start from a basic service, then integrating it with T4you and TSam.


In the current configuration the Contact Center is able to respond 24 hours a day to whoever calls; if the operators of the requested service are not available (for example because the call was made after hours for the specific service), after a certain time interval the call will automatically be transferred to who is in service in that moment, even if belonging to another group.

Alarm Backup Management

The system has been enriched by TSam, the application of Telenia Software for telephone charges and for monitoring plant alarms. This second feature is particularly important for the National Technical Assistance Center of Air Liquide Healthcare: In fact, TSam supplies a backup solution for receiving alarms (via email, SMS or voice call), in cases where the web connection is temporarily absent or not functioning correctly. In these situations the reports are also collected and reported TSam from where they are accessible to operators.


The advance statistics introduced with TVox Contact Center, measure the service provided to the final client: in one year there were more than thirty thousand incoming calls, outgoing calls were more than forty thousand; this response rate is higher than 99.5%:” There are very few calls that are not engaged by our operators”, Air Liquide Healthcare observes satisfied,” and generally are only because the client himself decides to hang up, for reasons that don’t depend on our response service”.

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