Autostrade per l’Italia Spa 1


Telepass Commercial Service and Viability Service.

Product: TVox Multichannel Contact Center.

Topic: Fault Tolerance, Integration, Text To Speech, Automatic Speech Recognition.


Autostrade per L’italia requested a virtualizable VoIP Contact Center VoIP with high Fault Tolerance standards in a context that was strongly integrated with and able to manage the existing Customer Service applications.


– Teleselling Telepass

– Commercial Assistance

– Commercial Information

– Viability Info


– TTS/ASR automatic services info viability

– Oracle

– Gescli: Multichannel Fax/Mail

– NFS for dynamic messages

TVox Contact Center: An extremely flexible multichannel system

The most appreciated feature of the TVox Contact Center is its flexibility, which comes in various fields, as explained by Mr. Ferraresi: 

“In the TVox Contact Center we have found a flexible computer system, which allows us to manage the telephone and written communication in a unified way, with multifunctional operators and a universal queue in which the requests coming from the different channels are arranged in an orderly manner. Flexibility also means the system, already  established at the beginning according to the specific needs of the company, allows us to manage many  changes at home, for example: the addition of new stations, the redefining of skillsets and the reorganization of the various sites, the creation of new messages, the modification of parts of the IVR branch, the creation of statistical reports aimed at particular needs. The previous system, on the other hand, was closed with respect to internal management, and we had to resort to the systems supplier support also for ordinary operational maintenance.”