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TVox Mobile App is the application for iOS and Android smartphones that allows telephone users and agents to contact the center to manage all calls wherever it is available. In the absence of connectivity it is however possible to transmit calls on the GSM network.


Used alongside the fixed telephone and / or the softphone, or as a replacement, TVox Mobile APP finds various ways of use within companies, based on the role of the user or the level of necessary mobility.


The WebRTC technology integrated in the APP allows you to take advantage of the features of web communication.


Automatic GSM fallback

This feature allows you to automatically receive calls in GSM mode when the data network connection is insufficient, minimizing the time dedicated to managing missed calls. The Fall Back also allows it to be activated manually during the conversation, should there be a degradation of the audio quality due to insufficient data connectivity.

Low battery consumption

An important feature for the effective use of an application dedicated to corporate communication is that of not quickly consuming the battery of the smartphone. TVox Mobile APP has been tested in various scenarios with excellent results in terms of low power consumption and battery life.

Quality of the voice also in 3g

TVox Mobile APP uses ``opus``, one of the most advanced voice compression codecs that allows maintaining high quality standards even when the smartphone is in 3G connectivity.

Security: voice encryption

Business communications, especially when conveyed via the internet, must maintain high security standards, which is why TVox Mobile APP implements the DTLS protocol which encrypts all conversations both when you are in the office connected to the wifi and in data mode when you are located outside.

Unexpected management

TVox Mobile APP gives you the peace of mind of being able to manage calls even in unexpected cases of lack of signal, due for example to poor reception or switching off of the smartphone. Calls not managed due to unforeseen causes are notified with the phonebook data, allowing the callback once the normal operation of the smartphone is restored.


Manage Company and Personal contact list

Reverse phone LookUp

Do Not Disturb

Status update of internal contacts

Call History

Blind or consultation transfer


– Lost calls with call details and recall

– New FAX

– Voicemail Message


(in addition to the User features)


Queues status

Ready/Not Ready

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