Omnichannel Contact Center

Omnichannel strategy

With TVox Contact Center we provide a complete set of functions for communication from an omni-channel approach, designed with the user in mind. We provide the companies of all sizes the technology to offer their customers a personalised experience, radically improving loyalty, customer service performance and business agility.

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“Centralise, Monitor and Distribute contacts from enabled channels to the most competent agent, to improve your customers’ resolution time and experience”.

Just as for phone calls, TVox Contact Center inserts requests originating from a digital channel into a universal queue (email, chat, video, social media, IOT) and assigns them to an operator following skill request routing or Application request routing algorithms. Within the universal queue, requests are arranged according to a priority logic that can be defined at service level, channel and individual contact levels.  TVox Contact Center monitors in real time the requests managed by the system and reports at service, channel and single operator level.

Widget Engagement

Voice, mail, chat, video, social, iot

Universal Queue

Even priority assigned by the applications that manage the various channels.

Multichannel Routing

Priority management for channel, service and agent.

Web Client

Skillset and agent-based event allocation.


Professionally manage the channels most used and requested by clients

Telephone contact is still the preferred channel and the most used for customer-company communication today. With TVox Contact Center, the routing of contacts is fully customisable according to the level of service desired. For each Contact Center service it is possible to set opening and closing times, personalise the calendar, configure the treatment of queued calls and in the context of opening, off-hours and out of service. Several skillsets can be associated with the contact center service (operator groups) in timed mode allowing the passage of the waiting time in queue to add operators to the service while keeping the Skill Call Routing and minimizing the percentage of abandoned calls.


The Queue Call treatment allows the defining of call queueing strategies for agents belonging to the skillset associated with the service. For each service it is possible to modify the music (waiting for reply, queued, in distribution), set the maximum waiting in queue time, communicate the operator’s code, dynamically manage the accepted call limits based on the number of logged agents as well as special treatments described below:

Notification message of the proposed average waiting time at the beginning of the queue as soon as the set time threshold is reached or exceeded. The message consists of the playing of the specified file followed by the average waiting time. The notification of the queue position is activated when the call surpasses the set time threshold allowing the user to listen, at regular intervals, to a configurable message which is followed by the exact position until the call is queued.

TVox Contact Center creates multi-level IVR services through a Convenient web interface. These services can be used to guide a call through a simple voice menu or to handle requests with simple or repetitive issues. Almost all these requests are “self-service” interactions, i.e. they can be handled without the presence of an operator. TVox Contact Center allows the customers to serve themselves using voice recognition (ASR), tone dialling, text-to-speech (TTS) with an excellent cost-efficiency ratio. Through the Collect Digit function in IVR, information from the customer is acquired (e.g. customer code, ticket code, case number, etc..) that enriches and verifies through integration with third-party applications.  In this setting, it is possible, for example, to automate a reservation, create information services or verify the status of a file.

VIP treatment involves the routing of a call to one or more preferred operators. An example of a possible application of the treatment could be one where it is intended to have a customer talk (identified by his own telephone number, customer code, etc.) preferably with the same agent, creating a sort of trusting bond and a direct relationship between the two. In case the preferred associated agent is not available, TVox will proceed to put the call first place in the service queue minimizing the waiting time for this type of VIP customer. This treatment involves integration with the CRM/ERP platform where the clients are identified.

The CallBack service, after a determined time set by the administrator, proposes to the caller waiting in queue to be called back at the same number he is calling from and possibly requesting another number where he can be contacted. At this point the agents display the number of calls to be made in the queue status and, with a “click”, can handle the call back.

By surveys we mean the linking of a questionnaire in the form of a list of telephone questions to one or more services to which the caller is invited to answer by interfacing via DTMF. The service for conducting polls or quality campaigns is available in automatic or manual mode; which can be activated by an agent at the end of a conversation. The opinions recorded by the customers invited to participate in the survey are collected and made available through a special statistical report accessible from the Reports menu.


Assign, track and resolve customers service tickets

After the phone, mail is the most used method of contact.  TVox provides the management of emails sent directly to predefined email accounts as well as the management of messages sent when filling out web forms. Through an articulated definition of rules, the emails sent are automatically directed to the appropriate contact center services based on the sender or recipient address and the information contained in the subject and body of the message. Each email is transformed into a ticket with a specific priority and configurable management. The monitoring system allows the supervising of the management of the email channel and compliance with service levels.


For handling requests from Facebook and Twitter

Social media is an extension of the mail channel in TVox and is managed as if it were a ticket. The response is automatically published in the customer’s Facebook account. To connect your Facebook page to the TVox Contact Center, it is sufficient to request the Facebook APP credentials.


The Online Support par excellence

Immediata ed efficace: permette ai tuoi clienti di conversare in tempo reale con appropriate agent, receiving assistance directly from the company’s website.

In ACD mode, TVox Contact Center forwards the web chats of the contacts engaged by the virtual assistant activated by the Widget, to the operators. The virtual assistant can be activated on a public area of the site or reserved area; in the first case the contact is anonymous, but also in this case, by using cookies, TVox can discover whether a contact has returned to chat by sending this request to the operator who previously managed it through the history of all messages previously exchanged. Also, for this type of channel, TVox Contact Center provides a monitoring system that allows the agent to know the to know the level of service provided by the operators in terms of:

  • Lost Chats
  • Survey NPS
  • %of conversion


Remove the distance from your clients

Offer visitors to your site the chance to talk to an operator like at the counter: make a video call to customer service with just one click.


The Customer Journey is an indispensable element to quickly frame the experience the contact has built up with the company.

All interactions established by the contacts are historicized and available in the foreground to the Contact Center operator to ensure the contact always receives an appropriate response without asking for information already present in the contact center. When the Contact Center forwards an interaction to an agent, the history of all interactions that the contact has previously had with the Contact Center agent’s group is presented.

When an interaction arrives, in addition to the customer’s personal data, TVox Agent Client also displays the call sequence with the information of the operator who answered, the chat history with the customer’s navigation tree, a list of any open tickets as well as all the contacts established through social networks.


A single tool for the management of all communication channels, able to improve and optimise the agent’s operations.


Softphone embedded

Phone bar

Automatic Record/ on demand

Activity Codes

Call Result

Call Tagging

Chat with supervisor

Queue Status

Pick Up Click to dial

Click to Conference

Click to SMS

Click to email

Operators Status

Operators Phone Status

Operators Activity Codes

Time in status

Single or Multi-operator Chat

Click to dial

Click to Conference

Click to Intrude with Warning or Silent

Record conversations

Instant Messaging

Click to SMS

Click to email

Queue Status


Real time control of the service levels provided for each channel (Voice, mail, chat, video, social media, IoT).

RTD is a WEB application that permits real time supervision of Contact Center services, Skillsets and Operators. It allows you to create WALL DISPLAY in a simple and fast way where performance indicators are published in real time. TVox RTD provides the Contact Center Supervisor with instant metrics on the communication system and offers the Operators immediate feedback. All the indicators can be personalised to highlight and report the exceeding of the defined thresholds to allow the Supervisor to implement corrective measures and ensure that the Contact Center functions efficiently.

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To guarantee continued service.

The configuration of Fault Tolerance in redundant mode is achieved through the use of two synchronized platforms distributed over a local and geographical network in Master/Slave configuration. When the TVox Master is no longer automatically reachable, the Slave elects to be the Master to ensure the continuity of service.

TVox Disaster Recovery is the configuration that can ensure the survival in terms of communication from the head office to the branch if connectivity with TVox is lost due to exceptional events.

The Branch Office configuration can ensure the survival of a remote location that loses network connectivity with the TVox installed in the head office. All system configurations are carried out on the central TVox which automatically propagates to the branch office only those that are the responsibility of the remote office. In case of loss of connection to the head office, the secondary office telephones are managed by the TVox Branch Office until the network problems are resolved.