Unified Communications & Collaboration

The new generation exchange telephone system

TVox Contact Center unites all the conventional telephone exchange functions while integrating innovative technological aspects which differentiate companies that intend to modify their efforts in order to gain the attention of the client.

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The heart of the communication system

Whether integrated into TVox or connected to customer database, the contact list is a key aspect of professional contact management. Recognizing the caller is the foundation for embarking on the road to improvement of customer experience, but TVox allows you to further personalise the information that is presented to responding users who then respond through custom fields which can be enhanced manually or automatically through integration with enterprise systems.


You choose when an interaction with customers or colleagues is concluded

With TVox Contact Center you can choose if an interaction has ended or not. In fact, during a workday, it often happens that we risk forgetting communications which involve subsequent management. The continuation of interactions which you deem most urgent, allows you to create an activity list that can be enriched with additional information through personal notes.


Because your work doesn’t finish with a call

The Note system allows the association of a list of activities with different priorities with a contact inside or outside the company, with whom you have interacted by phone or chat.


Collaborating with colleagues can be easier and more productive

Knowing if a colleague is at the PC or is engaged in a conversation, activate an automatic notification that lets you know when the phone status is free for your video call are just a few examples of the tools that TVox Contact Center provides to make collaboration easier and more productive.



Optimize call flow through voice menu and digit code to quickly reach the desired business sectors. It’s possible to integrate with company applications through a library of connectors accessible via web services created ad hoc that use the most diffused software technologies (https, xml, soap, etc.).


Send voice messages via e-mail for every extension.


Number that the user has to dial to lock or unlock his phone.


To join a conversation

Authorisation Code

The Authorization Code allows the TVox Communication user to make calls not permitted by your authorization for a fixed period.

Parcheggio Pubblico/Privato

Esistono due modalità di parcheggio delle chiamate: il parcheggio privato permette di riprendere la chiamata solo all’utente che l’ha parcheggiata mentre il parcheggio pubblico consente di riprendere la chiamata a chiunque.

Call Pick Up

Allows a TVox user to answer a call that is ringing on another user’s phone.


Answering a phone called in intercom mode automatically happens in hands-free mode

Richiamata su interno occupato

Allows you to schedule the call back of a busy extension.


Customization of schedules, calendars, hold music and welcome messages.

Instradamento al minor costo

Route outgoing calls using operators and lines at more convenient rates.

Conferenza Interna/Esterna

This function permits the simultaneous communication between an unlimited number of interlocutors and is accessible via a PIN.


Divert calls on an external line.

Numeri brevi

Can store frequently dialed numbers.

Servizio Giorno/Notte

A flexible service for distributing calls differently and changing authorisations.   Can be controlled by a timer and support voice messaging to automatically signals feast days, holidays, etc.

Direttore/Segretaria - Dirigente/Segretaria

Report e statistiche sono disponibili sia a livello di servizi IVR che di utente. I report si possono realizzare in due modalità: utilizzando l’apposito modulo WEB o accedendo con strumenti di terze parti direttamente al database analitico in cui sono memorizzati i dati del traffico telefonico entrante e uscente.


Manages the updating of firmware and configuration of the phone terminals in automatic mode, minimizing the activation times of the devices and centralizing the settings.  Provisioning is based on the association between MAC ADDRESS and the extension assigned to the phone. The telephone terminals managed are: Yealink, Snom, Polycom, Grandstream and Cisco. If a DHCP server is available, the provisioning function becomes self- provisioning. In this case it is necessary to add the appropriate directives to the telephone terminals on your DHCP server to reach the TVox.

Rubrica telefonica

Centralised management of company   contacts.


Using smartphones as if they were cordless