icona sanità

CUP (acronym for Centro Unico Prenotazioni) and on-call services are the two principal areas in which Telenia’s software meet the needs of healthcare companies.

Centro Unico Prenotazioni is the gateway to the company for most users; the first contact made is often to book a visit or an instrumental examination, modify a reservation already made or to ask for information. The TVox Contact Center platform enables the creation of an efficient CUP, capable of centrally managing bookings for multiple company locations. The queuing and distribution algorithms, with the availability of the Call Back service, allow to significantly reduce the waiting times in queue and the number of abandoned calls.

When it comes to availability, the first sector that comes to mind is healthcare. There is not always a need for a doctor, but there must always be one if necessary. The same applies to healthcare personnel who ensure the proper functioning of facilities or provide home care services; in off-hours situations or in cases of emergency, when the dedicate personnel is not available or not sufficient, it is necessary to involve substitution or additional operators. The TVox Contact Center Availability module offers healthcare companies the guarantee that every request directed to an on-call service will be answered in the first instance thanks to an algorithm for distributing calls to agents on shifts, in the second instance with a range of alternative strategies ensure the handling of a call within a given time interval. The agents’ shifts can also be managed automatically, based on a simple and intuitive availability calendar.

However, Telenia Software’s solutions for healthcare companies are not limited to CUP and on-call services. The TConsole, fully accessible to visually-impaired and blind operators, allows efficient management of the switchboard. The Unified Communication module of the TVox Contact Center incorporates all the functions of advanced internal communication and the TSam multivendor platform allows telephone charges to be documented and the operation of telecommunications networks to be monitored.