icona manifattura

Mid/size or large manufacturing companies do not always have a communications system truly suitable for their needs. Very often there isn’t just one system, but several – even heterogeneous among them that coexist with difficulty. Sometimes this depends on the structure that the company has gradually taken in its development. Over time other offices or branches, near or far, newly built or taken over from other companies, have been added to the initial headquarters; some sites are production plant, other warehouses, while still others are home to research and design departments or warehouses.

The complexity of the company structure calls for an internal communications system able to connect various offices and departments in an efficient and progressive way, also providing tools for collaboration. External communication, on the other hand, must be able to manage large numbers of contacts coming from multiple sources: suppliers, retailers, end users. Finally, the cost: to be competitive a company must maintain high quality standards, minimising costs where possible and the value of investments already made; of course, this also holds true for communication.

The TVox Communication platform developed by Telenia Software satisfies all these needs: it allows the creation of a centralised communication system for several locations, offers a rich and flexible unified communications, permits the setup of a multi-channel contact centre with specific skillsets for different services while safeguarding previous investments thanks to the high level of integration with already existing technology (e.g. DECT networks). This optimizes all the human and other company’s resources with a significant reduction in cost.