Public Entities

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In developing its solutions, Telenia Software pays particular attention to the needs of the public administration, both central and peripheral. The TVox Communication platform offers public entities a centralised architecture which permits the connection of multiple locations in a single system. TVox Contact Center provides all the advanced functions required by a Public Relations Office, while the Unified Communication application creates an articulated and efficient internal communication system.

In relationships between citizens and public bodies a fundamental role is played by switchboard operators: Telenia Software’s  TConsole attendant console solution simplifies the operator’s work, guarantees an efficient and professional response, reduces the number of lost calls and minimizes waiting times. TConsole has been designed by Telenia Software to also be fully accessible to visually impaired and blind operators and as such has been certified by the specialized company Cavazza 2000. Screen reader, text to speech synthesis and Braille display enable visually impaired and blind operators, who are mostly employed by public bodies, to perform their jobs under optimal conditions.

The TConsole solution can be supported by Auto attendant console services:  thanks to Automatic Speech Recognition technology and Text-to-Speech, the caller is automatically connected to the desired extension, and if the latter is not available, alternative contact details are provided (alternative phone number, email, voicemai).