Sagam Spa 1


Automotive Dealer.

Products: TVox Contact Center, TConsole Attendant.

Topics: PBX, Contact Center, Integration with Zimbra e Visual Software.


Sagam was founded in Milano in 1963 as an Audi and Volkswagen dealer. Over the years, the company has developed in an increasingly widespread manner throughout the country, with 5 offices in Lombardy. It is currently the only Audi dealer present in the municipality of Milan. From its inception, Sagam has delivered over 250,000 cars becoming over the years a historical reference point for customers of Audi and Volkswagen products, and one of the most important automotive dealers in the country. The company, certified ISO 9001:2008 from 2003, has 140 employees.


Sagam needed to centralise the PBX and Contact Center telephone functions in a single VoIP platform to share them across multiple locations. A fundamental need was the ability to integrate the Contact Center with their Visual Software CRM solution and the personal data of Zimbra to provide LookUp, Pop UP screen, Click to Dial, VIP Management and differentiated services (Timetables, Calendars, Priorities, Skillsets) by department with reports and statistics on the levels of service provided. The VIP feature was implemented to associate customers with a preferred agent (the one who negotiated, for example) also offering the possibility of placing the VIP customer at the head of any queue to serve him quickly.