icona trasporti

Local transport companies, airports and airlines, shipping companies, national trains and taxis, motorways and logistic companies: the world of transport is very diverse and presents various aspects depending on whether the service is provided directly to people, by passenger transport, or involves the transport of goods on behalf of people. Mobility is an essential component in this sector, and corporate communication must be structured accordingly. A passenger transport company must have a multi-channel contact center capable of managing several services – such as road and timetable information, reservations and ticketing – also in automatic mode; to guarantee the safety of the people, it is also essential to have an alarm monitoring system that allows prompt intervention in the event of breakdowns or malfunctions. In the freight sector, it is important to be able to handle the receipt of orders in an efficiently and to coordinate the processing of orders remotely.

Telenia Software offers transport companies a diversified and extensive communication platform:

  • TVox Communication and the related application TSam consent to fit a personalised Contact Center to a dependable alarm monitoring system
  • TVox Mobility which allows personnel to use their smartphones as company phones, by accessing the contacts section of the company and making work calls without consuming their credit.