icona viaggi

While the traditional travel agency has offered services on the web for some time, there are already many fully online tour operators on the market. In all cases, customer service is essential for companies in this sector, both in the preparation and duration of the trip.

A good contact center must above all be able to accompany a customer in all preparations, providing the necessary information and resolving any problems connected to booking and payment procedures. However, a travel agency’s contact center must be, above all, a trustworthy reference point for the customer throughout the journey. In this case the challenge is to supply assistance to customers on the move, with the small or large unknowns that each journey brings.


Telenia Software’s TVox Contact Center di Telenia Software allows each travel agency to set up a contact center tailored to the needs of its customers:


  • thanks to various automatic functions available on the system, companies may offer their customers a series of services in self-service mode, such as information on timetables, confirmation or cancellation of a reservation.
    TVox Multichannel module enables operators to receive and forward communications through all the available channels.


  • The On-Call module allows you to configure – for after hours – a response service that is activated as needed, according to a defined turn schedule; in this way the time zone differences are amortised, and it is possible to manage assistance requests 24H
  • The TVox Contact Center’s outbound functions allow customers to be promptly informed of time changes, cancellations or any other information that is useful to easily complete the journey
  • TVox Contact Center also offers the travel industry the Survey service, which permits – at the end of a long trip, for example – to directly evaluate a customer’s experience, offering them a simple telephone questionnaire.