icona automotive

The core business of a car dealership is the sale of new and used cars, but increasingly other services are added: mechanical and body assistance, spare parts and accessories, financial and insurance products, short and long-term rental. Management of many different services, both business and private customers, seasonality: these are the challenges that a dealership’s contact center must face to provide its interlocutors with a satisfactory service. On the other hand, a company that provides many services is divided into many departments and needs an internal communication system that facilitates the continuous interactions between the different departments. The TVox Communication platform offers the automotive sector a unitary and comprehensive, but extremely flexible solution:


  • Thanks to the Unification modules, internal users can know at any time the telephone and presence status of their colleagues, even if they are distributed in several company offices, and can interact with them in different ways.
  • The TConsole Operator Station solution is fully usable even by partially sighted and blind operators, allows reception and sorting of calls in a professional and efficient manner.
  • The TVox Contact Center gives every dealership the possibility to create a tailor-made customer service; algorithms for queuing and distribution of inbound calls provide for a series of parameters to be defined, according to the services to be provided, of the operators availability, reference time interval. In this way all the available resources are optimized at any time.
  • Integration with the company CRM allows you to identify the caller who is already in the phone book, and to accept the call having already before you the relevant customer data sheet. It is also possible to assign a customer to a preferential agent and define a higher priority in the queue for any VIP customers.