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With TVox Contact Center you can:

Allow you customers to contact you through channels they prefer

With TVox Contact Center you can add new channels of communication to your services (voice, mail, chat, video, social, IoT) by centralising management in an omnichannel approach, with intelligent distribution logics, to share more services and channels on the same Agent according to priorities and skills.

Dynamically enable communication channels based on available operators

Reduce the number of unmanaged interactions

With TVox Contact Center you can manage support services, commercial and administrative with intelligent Routing logic based on competence, Priority, VIP management, and Call Back.

Centralise all interactions in one intelligent queue

Algorithms are applied to manage the priorities at the channel, service and skillset level to forward the request to the most competent agent.

Identify your customer

Know the previous interactions that occurred on different channels to get a complete overview of the customer journey.

Easily integrate business applications such as CRM and ERP

To read, update and enrich customer information at the most opportune moment: when the interaction is active, this allows you to improve the reliability of the customer database, generate new leads to optimise marketing campaigns.

Control provided services minute by minute

Real-time (Web Realtime Display) and historical reporting tools with more than 100 KPI allow the monitoring of the service levels provided on all communication channels with extreme precision.

Make the routing of Switchboard Operator calls quicker and more efficient

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Telenia Software-Zendesk

Telenia Software has signed a Technical/Commercial partnership for the management of Service Desk projects based on the Zendesk platform, in both stand alone and integrated mode with a TVox Contact Center.